General Staffing Coordinator
Summary:  Work closely with Staffing Manager in processing all volunteer applications in operational sector.

Summary Description

Work closely with Staffing Manager in processing all volunteer applications in operational sector. 

Essential Duties And Responsibilities (Include But Not Limited To)


  • Contact candidates as needed to inform them of employment possibilities, consideration, and selection.
  • Keep staffing plans and other staffing tools/programs up to date with accurate, relevant information.
  • Track all applications that are assigned, ensuring they are duly processed and not overlooked.
  • Respond to new applicants within three to five business days after receiving application submission.
  • Ensure applicant is on the correct track for service or Talent Pool.
  • Assist in finding alternate, suitable positions for applicants as needed.
  • Keep all stakeholders informed of applicant progress.
  • Coordinate application reviews and ensure they are being completed in a timely manner.
  • Work closely with each applicant to ensure they are aware of their status.
  • Answer applicants’ questions regarding their application and service with Mercy Ships.
  • Send final offer or denial letter.
  • Ensure offer letters are accurate and sent in a timely manner.
  • Send immigration documents to applicants.
  • Ensure incoming crew have completed all pre-embarkation requirements.
  • Ensure applicants do not become stagnant in pipeline (everyone receives timely communication and is placed in the correct pipeline relative to their needs).


  • Establish, cultivate, and maintain ongoing relationships with department heads in order to understand their staffing needs.
  • Attend weekly meetings with the Staffing Manager, respective department heads, and a ship-HR representative.
  • Work closely with General Staffing Manager to understand issues, problem solve, and forecast needs.


  • Maintain current knowledge of Mercy Ships policies and procedures in regards to minimum commitments and requirements.
  • Submit metrics relating to application process, customer service, etc.
  • Follow up on all email and phone inquiries.
  • Promote myMercy and maintain presence in the online community.
  • Other duties as assigned.

    Qualifications (Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, And Requirements)