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1.  Can I apply for more than one position?
At this time, it is not possible to apply for more than one position. If you are interested in more than one position, please apply for the one that interests you the most.  Please let us know about additional positions of interest by using the comment field found on the final page of your application.  On the final page of your application there will be a comment field that may be used to let us know about your interest in additional positions or anything else you would like us to know.
2.  Can I save my application and come back later?
Yes.  Every time you move from one page to the next in the application your data is saved.  You may then exit the application and log back in later to resume completing it.
3.  How long will my application be saved?
Your application will remain active for 2 years.  However if there are any major life events, you will be asked to update your application. 
4.  What is the application process?
All applications are reviewed by hiring personnel.  A team member from Human Resources will then contact you to update you on any determination or next steps.
5.  How soon will I know if I am accepted? 
A team member from Human Resources will notify you, regardless of the outcome.
6.  What if I need to speak with someone with questions about the online application process?
If at any time in the application process you have a question, please email  or call 903-939-7633. 
7.  How secure is my information?
Your information is secured from unauthorized access from the Internet through market-leading firewall technology. We also protect the connection between your computer and our server from eavesdropping through industry-standard 128-bit encryption technology.
8.  What benefits are offered by Mercy Ships?
Please download our Summary of Benefits to find out more about the benefits offered by Mercy Ships.